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CatchCoin is an augmented reality rewards platform, that enables retailers, event providers, and brands to offer real cash rewards to consumers who visit their locations and make purchases, thus generating measurable foot traffic with a great return on investment (ROI). Participating retailers can easily manage and fund their campaigns through the online CatchCoin location portal.


APPx has developed proprietary data analysis software that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) with traditional data sources – including the world’s most advanced aggregators- to provide the most comprehensive Due Diligence and Compliance solutions.¬†What used to take weeks of research can now be done in hours.


Working with one of the world’s foremost experts in Information Security (INFOSEC), APPx is developing a Tier1, expandable, education and resell-based, social media enabled app. Geared towards financial, brokerage, insurance, or remittance type of institutions, the app will keep users updated on issues of security and compliance.


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